Wandance Vol. 2 by Coffee

Wandance Vol. 2 by Coffee

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About The Book
A boy named Kaboku sees a girl named Wanda dance, and suddenly burns with a need to join in. With its thrilling scenes of Japanese hip-hop dance and quirky, charming characters, this is a new, inspirational manga for fans of coming-of-age stories like Blue Period and Your Lie in April. Get up and join the Wandance!

Kaboku has joined the ranks of his high school's dance club—but can he cut himself footloose and finally let his feelings free through dancing?

Kaboku is settling in at the dance club—in fact, he’s doing so well that he’s one of just a few first-year students chosen to be on the squad that will dance in an upcoming competition. Hikari’s another of the team members, but as they get down to some serious practice, they find themselves confronted by a classmate who didn’t make the cut and wants to know why. In fact, Kaboku isn’t quite sure he belongs on the team, considering his reluctance to dance in front of an audience. His confidence isn’t helped by a chance encounter with the only other male member of the club, Iori Itsukushima. Kaboku thought he was starting strong, but these blows to his morale have him wondering: what does it really mean to dance well? And what does it really mean to dance together?

Product Details
Publisher: Kodansha (December 15, 2022)
Length: 208 pages
ISBN: 9781646515165
Language: English
Author: Coffee