Sylvanian Families - Reindeer Twins

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Product Description
Reindeer twins includes twin figures and a sleigh pushcart for them to ride in. Their antlers may not be as big as their parents' yet, but that just makes them even more adorable!

Combine with the Reindeer Family (sold separately) for fun with all four reindeer figures. The included sleigh can be attached to other pushcarts.

Product Features
The figures' heads can be moved.
*Either of the twins can in ride the pushcart.
*The included pushcart can be attached to pushcarts from other twin sets.
*Introducing the baby Reindeer twins, Ollie (sitting) and Ginger (crawling)

Box Content
A set of Sylvanian Families - Reindeer Twins

Age: 3 and Above
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.