Sylvanian Families - Happy Christmas Friends

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Product Description
Sylvanian Happy Christmas Friends.

Christmas is such a happy time of year, and these four are delighted to be dressing up for the festivities.

Pauline Husky and her baby sister Linnea are off to a party. Pauline has a fantastic green Christmas tree dress, while Linnea is dressed up as Mrs Claus. On the way to the party they also bump into polar bear baby Yana Snowfluff, who has a wonderful snowman costume, while reindeer baby brother Louis Snowdrift is dressed up as a gingerbread man.

Product Features
Set of Happy Christmas Friends includes 4 figures in Christmas costume.

This set includes 4 figures.

Box Content
A set of Sylvanian Families Happy Christmas Friends

Age: 3 and Above
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.