Siku - Toyota GR Supra

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Product Description
Nothing is impossible: Toyota. The Japanese automotive manufacturer is still 100% true to the promise which was once made in its publicity: With the GR Supra, Toyota demonstrates that it can also develop completely modern and impressive sports cars having absolute cult flair. The GR sports car’s style is an immediate winner, thanks to its cool look: Toyota is masterly in combining a sophisticated, dark carbon-silver tone with jet-black rims.

What the look hints at can actually be admired in miniature under the model’s bonnet: Because this is where the detailed replicate of the imposing 3.0 litre engine is concealed. Not only does it provide extremely quiet running, but above all a direct acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. The engine, like the chassis and the interior, is made from robust black plastic. In contrast, the body is made from metal and, as always with siku, the headlights and rear lamps can be recognised from their true-to-original print. And typical siku too: The sports rims with rubberised tread for perfect grip on all roads and race tracks in playrooms throughout the world.

Product Features
Miniature die cast Toyota GR Supra
Length : 7cm.
Highly collectable
Diecast scale model
Made from high quality materials
True to life detail
Long Lasting Play Companion

Box Content
1x Siku Toyota GR Supra

Age: 3+
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.