Schleich Wildlife - Beaver

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Product Description
Ever get that gnawing sensation you need a toy beaver in your life? Chew on this: The beaver figurine from Schleich Wild Life has logged countless days preparing for the role.

Product Features
Dimensions 3.86 x 1.1 x 1.38 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation 3-8 years
Authentic Detail. With its realistic fur, webbed feet, flat tail, and distinctive teeth, you’ll probably wonder which of you has been gnawing on pencils around your house.
Durable Quality. The only thing sturdier than a Schleich toy is the dams this beaver builds. Hey, we’re just giving credit where it’s due.
Sparks of Storytelling. Known for building bridges to other Schleich play worlds, like Horse Club and Eldrador® Creatures. Other animals may be a stick in the mud, but not this little guy.
Limitless Play. Most beavers build dams and wooden lodges. This one dreams of building skyscrapers. Big aspirations? Sure – but why gnaw’t? In the hands of a child, anything’s possible.
Toddler-Friendly. The beaver toy figurine is recommended for children ages 3 and up. Measures 3.86"" x 1.1"" x 1.38"" (L x W x H)…perfectly sized for little hands.

1x Beaver

Age: 3 and Above
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.