Re-Ment - Pokemon Gather Together! Forest Athletics Vol.1 Boxed Set of 6 Figures

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Product Description
All boxes are factory sealed and items packed inside are not inspected. We cannot guarantee packaging condition of the individual items packed within the box.

One box of this item contains a complete set.

Your favorite Pokemon characters are introduced in the 1st volume of the Gather Together! Forest Athletics collection in this new lineup of miniature vignettes from Re-Ment! Each little display tells a story on its own; display them all together for an amazing effect! There are six different items to collect and trade, and you'll get one of each. Place your order today!

Product Features
Made of plastic
Based on Pokemon
Part of the Gather Together! Forest Athletics series
Complete box set of 6 figures

Box Contents
Plusle and Minun figure
Dedenne and Morpeko figure
Emolga figure
Pikachu figure
Pachirisu figure
Pawmi and Togedemaru figure

Age: 15+
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.

Copyright Nintendo
Pokemon is a Japanese media franchise that features a shared universe throughout various media. Originating from the video games series developed by Game Freak that first appeared on Game Boy; Pokemon is widely loved for the growing list of "pocket monsters" that live alongside humans within the franchise's universe. The popularity of the franchise expands into the collectible trading card game, animated series, and much more, making it one of the biggest media franchise in the world.

Nintendo is an iconic Japanese video game company that was founded in 1889. The company develops and publishes numerous video games every year, alongside continuously developing new generations of video game consoles with amazing success. Nintendo owns some of the most recognizable video game franchises in the world, with Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda being some of the companies most beloved video games series from many fans worldwide. With a long and influential history, Nintendo has expanded some of the company's focus to other forms of media as well.