Kurhn Hainan Airlines - Limited Edition Hainan Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform Set

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Product Description
Limited Edition Kurhn Hainan Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform Set.
Kurhn Hainan Airlines Dollwas designed adter the Hainin Airline's 5th uniform, in which traditional Chinese elements were integrated; a pattern alternating sea and mountains, which contrasts with the collar's codes and sky; the cheong sam suits with accompanying jacket, beret style hats shows the rhythm of charming oriental style.

Product Features
The set also comes with Full uniform, Winter Uniform and Serving uniform
Additional accessories and clothing
Doll Height: 280mm
Body Type: Articulated Body
Series: Hainan Airlines Limited Edition

Box Contents
A full limited edition set of Hainan Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform Set

Brand: Kurhn
Age: 14 and Above
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.