Kurhn Chinese Traditional Couple Set

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Product Description
"Tianxian Pei" (The Goddiess Marriage") is a legendary love story in acident China. A man called Dongyong sold himself as a slave to save his father. The youngest daughter of the Jade Emperor was touched by his life story. She came down to earth to see know more about his story. They falled in love and got married with Dongyong. The story was so beautiful that it circulates among the people since then.

Great couple dolls to give as a gift and collect.

Product Features
Comes with 2 dolls. Desk is not included in the couple doll set.
Doll Height: 290mm
Body Type: Articulated Body
Model: 9112
Series: Kurhn Legendary Couple

Brand: Kurhn
Age: 14 and Above
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.