Iwako Kimekeshi Puzzle Eraser - Demon Slayer Assorted Blind Bags

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Product Description
Hailing from Japan, this company manufactures miniature puzzle erasers. You can find them available in the gift section of our website. They're not only cute, but functional as erasers!

Iwako Erasers are free of any harmful chemical, lead free & PVC free. These recyclable erasers are all made in Japan. Iwako takes great consideration to ensure the production is always environmentally friendly.

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japan) is an extremely popular Japanese manga/series/movie. Iwako are intricate puzzle erasers that bring joy to all who see them.

The Demon Slayer + Iwako range includes 7 mini eraser characters, which are hidden in blind packaging. Buyers are not aware of their character until opening, ensuring multiple repeat purchases until their collections are complete.
The range also includes the extremely rare glow in the dark character, an enticing piece for fans to try and secure.

Product Features
size: approximately 4 cm
• Material: Soft Rubber
•Packaging Style: foil blind bag (individually packed)

Brand: Iwako
PVC Non Lead Free

Bag Contents
1x Demon Slayer Assorted Blind Bags (Randomly Pick)

Age: 3+ years old
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.