Djeco Little Cooperation Game

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Product Description
It s cold outside and the animals are trying to get to their warm igloo on the other side of the ice field. They need to be careful though, their only way over is the ice bridge, which could collapse at any time! Players need to work together to succeed. This game requires cooperation and teaches children to play and win together.

Product Features
Players: 2-4 Players.

Time: 10 Minutes.

Aim of the game: Work together to get the animals on the igloo before the bridge collapses.

These basic games with cute characters help to teach the basic skills of game playing.

Taking turns.
Following rules.
Encouraging co-operation.

Product is constructed from: Cardboard / Paper / Plastic

Box Contents
3 environment pieces, 1 dice, and 4 soft plastic figures.

Suitable for ages: 2.5+ years old.