BanBao Trendy Beach - Water Plane

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Product Description
It's a beautiful day on Trendy Beach. The sun is shining and hardly wind and everyone has a good time. You decide to fly today is your beautiful seaplane. You fly like a piece above the water and impress the people on the coast. This is really super fat. You seaplane is all pink in color and has very nice stickers. In the distance the dolphins jumping out of the water, you can day can not go wrong. Build the water plane with the building blocks of BanBao and enjoy hours of fun.

This set includes: a beach water plane, a boat, one Tobees and beach accessories.
Number of pieces: 172 pcs.
Model: 6132
Series: Trendy Beach

Box Contents
Bricks set of beach water plane
Instruction manual.

Age: 5 and Above.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.