BanBao Safari - Safari Tree House

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Product Description
You have arrived along with the film crew in the middle of the jungle to film various wildlife. First, you build a tree house high in the trees, so you are safe. With binoculars you can see a crocodile, The Film Crew quickly head over to it to capture the beast on camera.

You see something moving in the tree branches. It is a monkey and you're all alone in the tree house! You give the monkey a banana and it helps! The monkey is happy and quietly climbs further away from the tree.

This set includes three Tobee Figures, tree house, safari animals as well as other accessories.
Number of pieces: 212 pcs.
Model: 6656
Series: Safari

Box Contents
Bricks set of Safari Tented Camp
Instruction manual.

Age: 5 and Above.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.