BanBao Safari - Safari Jeep

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Product Description
Jump behind the wheel of this cool jeep safari and go in search of all kinds of wild animals. Near the jeep runs an elephant, He has his trunk in water and sprays the water towards the jeep.

Quick, take a picture! Look, there is a giraffe. His neck is so large that it protrudes well above the jeep. What an incredible safari!Transport the thief to prison in this special police vehicle. If he manages to escape chase him down with your police quad bike.

This set includes two Tobee Figures, one safari jeep, safari animals as well as other accessories.
Number of pieces: 248 pcs.
Model: 6657
Series: Safari

Box Contents
Bricks set of Safari Jeep
Instruction manual.

Age: 5 and Above.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.