Adult Intelligence Wooden Puzzle

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Product Description
Adult Intelligence Wooden Puzzle. Kong Mingsuo, also known as the Eight Diagrams lock, Lu Bansuo, has been widely circulated in the Han folk intelligence toys. It is an ancient Chinese traditional civil building fixation device, folk and "don't SAP" "Six Party" "Monet" "Nanren wood" and other names. Without nails and cords, completely rely on its structure is connected with the support, like a piece of paper in half once can stand up and show a seemingly simple, but condensed with extraordinary wisdom.

Product Features
Great wooden puzzle helps to exercise brain and patience, is unable to untie the master of the structure, is sure to solve.
All product appearance, colour in kind prevail.

Box Content
1x Adult Intelligence Wooden Puzzle

Age: 14 and Above
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts.